Painted wooden kidney for:

This One’s For You

An exhibition featuring over 100 artists for the Renal Transplant Fund as part of QE Hospital Birmingham Charity. Curated by @paulmonsters

Another ink painting, this was improvised with no prior pencils:

Recently I have been producing these psychedelic ink paintings:

Acrylic paintings

Acrylic on canvas 205x205x37mm
private collection.

Acrylic on canvas triptych. 3 canvases, each 205x205x37mm

Work in progress, acrylic on canvas.

Acrylic on paper
private collection.

Shackleton, ‘Furnace of Guts’ 12”.

The original ‘Furnace of Guts’ painting (private collection) and pencil study.

A series of handpainted designs on the 12” record sleeves, 
available from my Etsy shop.

The above painting is available from etsy