By Shackleton and Vengeance Tenfold.
Shackleton and Tenfold Vengeance album from January 2017, released by Honest Jon’s.
This was an interesting project as I interpreted the themes in Vengeance Tenfold’s lyric’s  and Sam’s music as dealing with the ascent of humankind’s intelligence, combined with the ability to fashion tools with our nimble hands. This was represented in the art with the sun as a symbol for intelligence, both in it’s positive and destructive forms.

Above are two early concept drawings from my sketchbook. Below is the final image, showing mankind emerging from the oceans with the light of intelligence and self awareness represented by the sun.

Below is the second image, in which man's conquest of the animals is represented. Both a victory and a defeat as this conquest leads to industrialisation and the havoc that wreaks on the natural world.

The negative aspects of this pyrrhic victory are represented below, in which the ‘might makes right’ attitude of the powerful leads to the supression of instinct. First are raw pencils prior to digital work, then the finished version.

Below is a rebirth of sorts as humankind returns to the oceans in fanciful harmony with technological progress. Note the overlay of imagery in the goggles, how much of our perception of ‘reality’ will be entwined with human-generated imagery?